Welcome to my portfolio.

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My name is Christa Linsenmeyer. I graduated Summa Cum Laude from the International Academy of Design and Technology (IADT) on July 14, 2012 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Game Production. I excel in the area of art; specifically vector art in Illustrator, most notably with the pen tool; 3D art modeling (and animation) in MAYA; and traditional portrait drawings. I’ve been enthralled with art since I could hold a pencil, and being that I worked around horses and have loved animals all my life, I am especially talented at drawing animals, particularly horses. My skill in the area of vector art and modeling is growing rapidly. My goal is to get involved in an industry where I get to create art. I am a quick study, and have worked with and around computers all my life.  I have been working with texturing of 3D art for about 6 years now, and have been modeling close to three and a half years. I have worked with vector art in Illustrator and Flash for about three and a half years, now, as well; along with animation. And I’ve been working with paint programs for over 6 years.  Also, I have dazzled with my pencil drawing for over 10 years now.

Here you can see some examples of my art, ranging from portrait drawings to 3D modeling.

To the right, where it says “Links”, you will find a Flash game I created called Bubble Game Beta. It is simple and tiny. I created all the graphics using Adobe Illustrator. The game is a simple one where you move a large bubble and collect smaller ones. After collecting enough on one level you move along to the next until you win.  You will also find there, a link to an animation I created in MAYA, as well as a link to a fly-through of the 3D game level which I created in the UDK.

Here you will find a more extensive gallery of my work from traditional art and craft to CG in 2D and 3D.

Please feel free to check out my resume as well!

Thank you for stopping by!

Click HERE to return to my under-construction web page or gallery.

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