Each of the following were created using a blown out egg shell as the base medium. Many were given features using hot glue, then all were painted with acrylic paint.

IMG_20130904_204619 IMG_20130904_204639 IMG_20130904_204654 IMG_20130904_204702 IMG_20130904_204706 Rancor_Base2 Rancor_Base1 Rancor_Base4 Rancor_Base3 1_Rancor-front 2_Rancor-left 3_Rancor-back 4_Rancor-right Fishermen6 Fishermen5 Fishermen4 Fishermen3 Fishermen2 Fishermen1 20121213070847 20121211035219 20121211035132 20121209002015 20121209002000 20121209003107 20121209003349 20121209002936 20121209002832 20121209003452 20121209001039 20121209000816 20121209000607 20121208235742 20121208235718 20121209001556 20121208235532 20121208235516 20121208235456 20121208234955 20121208234834 Cat Scorpion (glow in the dark) Owl

This is a texture and bump map I created for a barrel object.


These are 3D models I created in MAYA

CharacterSheet_Low-Poly-Deer_and_Humanoid_Model_3D_MAYA Kitty_Character_3D_Model_MAYA Kitchen_3D_Model_MAYA

This is a 3D model I manipulated in MUDBOX


I created the following designs using Adobe Illustrator.

Graduation_compilation GP_waterless_label_03 GP_waterless_label_04 GP_waterless_label_05

Here is a wooden sphere that I burned using a wood burning tool.

20111209132650 20111209132823 20111209132814 20111209132803 20111209132752

These were both created using water color on paper.

treepainting crazycolorful1

The following are pencil drawings and sketches I created, the white-on-black was made using a white pencil on black construction paper.

hurting1 perspective1 DSC00530 Cat-folk_Rogue 20120612131729 20120612131602 20111218162141 20120117115712

Here is an elephant I molded using gray modeling clay.  It is about 4 or 6 inches in height, I believe.

20121013225244 20121013225310 20121013225334 20121013225551 20121013225457 20121013225431 20121013225408 20121013225346 20121013225618 20121013225635

This is a Christmas decoration I created using marzipan and then painted using food coloring and flavor.

20121220213832 20121220213854 20121220213910

These are mini figures I painted using acrylic modeling paints.

20130228195931 20130228195957 20130228200022 20130228200240 20130228200304 20130228200326 20130228200421 20130228200445 20130228200503

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  1. beautiful art…awesome

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